March 2 2023  |  Cabin Equipment

Vaayu Group to be launch customer for expandable cabin lavatory solution, ACCESS

By Alex Preston

The ST Engineering solution improves lavatory access for passengers with reduced mobility

ST Engineering has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Vaayu Group to provide its expandable cabin lavatory solution, ACCESS.

Under the agreement, ST Engineering’s Commercial Aerospace business will provide 20 units of ACCESS for installation on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

ACCESS is the world’s first lavatory solution for narrowbody aircraft that can be expanded to bring about 40% more space, becoming big enough to accommodate a passenger with reduced mobility and an assistant so that the former can use the facility with greater ease and safety.

ACCESS has also been designed to minimise retrofitting costs for operators. The design is able to accommodate existing structural attachment points as well as electrical and system connections, while installation can be carried out without the need to alter the cabin layout or reduce precious galley space and seating capacity.

“We are truly privileged to be the launch customer for the ACCESS lavatory and thankful to ST Engineering for this unique honour. We believe ACCESS will change the dynamics of the sector considering the projected growth in the number of passengers with reduced mobility due to change of demographics of air travel,” said Emad AlMonayea, Chairman and President, Vaayu Group in a February 28 press release.

Ling Meng Geah, Director Programme Office, Cabin Interiors and Engineering Solutions at ST Engineering, added, “Through this partnership, we are a step closer to fulfilling our commitment in pioneering and delivering cabin solutions that revolutionize the air travel experience. We look forward to partnering more like-minded operators to create more dignified and inclusive flying experiences for all.”

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