July 8 2022  |  Cabin Equipment

Aero HygenX robot gets Canadian Ministry approval

By Rick Lundstrom

Aero HygenX has made deals with several airline groups and OEMs for RAY

Aero HygenX’s autonomous robot “RAY” – that uses UV-C disinfection technology has been approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health.

This approval is the first for any portable UV-C solution sold in Canada, and it makes Aero HygenX’s “RAY” the only solution authorized for Health Canada’s safe product registry in this category. Since its introduction Aero HygenX has made deals with several airline groups and OEMs.

In August 2021, Canada’s top regulatory heath body issued a bulletin announcing new regulatory classification of UV light-emitting decontamination products making COVID-19 treatment claims, and to provide information on the applicable pathways for market authorization. The new regulatory process is designed to help consumers and industry choose legitimate and effective UV-C disinfection solutions, in a marketplace where many fake products are being marketed.

The Health Canada bulletin stated that:

“Manufacturers of UVC decontamination devices must demonstrate high-level disinfection or sterilization of bacterial spores with an organism that offers a maximum challenge for the chosen technology (i.e., Bacillus subtilis spores) or a scientifically justified surrogate organism (such as Mycobacterium species). A high level of disinfection or sterilization is generally considered to be a minimum 6 log reduction (99.9999 percent).”

“Health Canada has taken important steps to protect consumers and industry from deceptive marketing practices around UV-C disinfection products, which we applaud,” said Aero HygenX CEO Arash Mahin. “Canada’s Ministry of Health imposes incredibly stringent testing requirements as a world-leading public health agency. Under their supervision, Aero HygenX technology was tested against dangerous resilient pathogens, and prevailed. This outcome speaks to the expertise and commitment of our team and the effectiveness of our solutions.”

Advanced and intelligent UV-C disinfection solutions target the transport industry, clinical settings, educational environments, athletics facilities, office spaces and the hospitality sector. The Aero HygenX systems work to ensure that people everywhere are safer from exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria.

“With so many claims made by makers of sub-standard UV-C solutions, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction,” added Mahin. “We know how important assurances, accountability and metrics are for organizations looking to adopt sustainable UV-C disinfection, and this certification makes choosing Aero HygenX easier. We are speaking with other national health organizations and expect further certifications to follow as we expand to new markets and regions.”

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