June 8 2022  |  Cabin Equipment

New KYDEX thermoplastics highlighted at SEKISUI KYDEX

By Rick Lundstrom

Thermoplastic recycling is part of the company's Infused Imaging™ Technology line

SEKISUI KYDEX will show several designs that are part of its Infused Imaging™ Technology collection at next week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo.

The fabric inspired collection offers four geometric patterns entitled Veil, Geo, Carbon Fiber, and Marrakesh ranging in subtlety from a small-scale design to a bolder, more colorful statement piece. From afar, Veil looks like a solid color, but provides significant visual appeal close-up, making the design match well for seat shells and suite interiors. Carbon Fiber meets a desire from the design community for a realistic technical solution. Marrakesh showcases how rich, contemporary looks can be used for branded accent pieces.

Other design are inspired by hard but inviting elements, White Quartzite, Green Slate, Industrial, and Terrazzo, to illustrate the range of Infused Imaging™. While perfectly flat, Green Slate provides the dimensional appearance of a textured stone, while Industrial features a modern look sure to inspire many consoles and tray tables. Scandi, Zebrawood, and Brushed Oak go beyond traditional choices of wood tones. Zebrawood design is a standout with its eye-tricking faux texture.

A founding member of Green Cabin Alliance (GCA), SEKISUI KYDEX has been recycling KYDEX® Thermoplastics for more than 20 years and supplying recycled products to a breadth of other industries. All aviation grade KYDEX® Thermoplastics are 100 percent recyclable, including materials with Infused Imaging™ Technology. Developing recycled materials for use in aviation interiors presents a new set of challenges, including material traceability, maintaining physical properties, and meeting stringent flame and smoke certifications.

GCA is a cross-industry group within the aircraft interiors supply chain leading discussions to address these challenges and promote a more sustainable cabin interiors industry. One of their goals is to increase transparency, build common language, and improve reporting of carbon footprint data throughout the industry. To achieve these goals, collaboration across the entire supply chain will be key.

SEKISUI KYDEX will also introduce a new flight ready, recycled product line, KYDEX® RCL. The initial product launch features KYDEX® 5555 RCL, utilizing recycled KYDEX®Thermoplastics. Because the recycled material is made from the KYDEX® 5555, it is specifically formulated to exceed low heat release requirements for aviation interiors.

Visit the company's stand 5D40 to see the products in person.

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