May 9 2022  |  Cabin Equipment

Pexco develops AirShield to enhance cabin experience

By Jayson Koblun

Pexco’s AirShield is lightweight, quick to install and is expected to be certified with the Federal Aviation Administration by July

Pexco Aerospace has acquired AirShield from Seattle-based design company, Teague. Pexco has spent two years taking AirShield from concept to an air management system proven to reduce shared air between passengers.

Pexco’s AirShield is installed over the top of existing passenger air vents and works in harmony with existing HEPA filtration systems in the aircraft cabin. AirShield helps personalize passenger airflow, according to a May 6 press release, re-directing purified air around and in-between each passenger to create protective air barriers.

“These create uniform airflow throughout the cabin, minimizing the sharing of exhaled air and increasing the rate at which spent air is removed,” said the release.

Following testing with several of the world’s leading airlines, Pexco said the AirShield has been proven to reduce the spread of airborne particles and odors in the cabin.

Using a combination of both computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and on-wing tests aboard B737 and A320 aircraft, Pexco’s AirShield technology reduces shared air particles between neighboring passengers in an economy cabin by 76 percent.

“We all want our personal space to be protected from unwanted germs and smells when we fly, especially in economy class and AirShield provides that,” said Jon Page, President of Pexco. “With mask wearing being phased out, it is the ‘virtual social distance’ the industry needs, providing every passenger with what they want most — a premium and personalized inflight experience.”

Pexco’s AirShield is lightweight and quick to install on an aircraft, according to Pexco, and is expected to be certified with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by July 2022.

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