January 12 2022  |  Cabin Equipment

Boeing selects Collins Aerospace as lavatory supplier for 737

By Jayson Koblun

The lavatory is expected to be available on new 737 airplanes beginning in 2025

Boeing has selected Collins Aerospace to be the long-term provider of next-generation lavatories for the 737 family of aircraft.

The new lavatory incorporates a modular design and customization opportunities for trim, finish and lighting and includes touchless functionality, the latest micro-LED lighting technology and a centralized computing system.

“Collins’ long-standing relationship with Boeing and specifically our shared history on the 737 lavatory program have made our work on this next-generation 737 lavatory a truly collaborative project,” said Cynthia Muklevicz, Vice President of Business Development for Collins Aerospace in a January 11 press release. “Years of cooperation, hard work and innovation have culminated in a final product that provides increased airline value, a clear path for future technology integration and improved passenger amenities.”

The lavatory is expected to be available on new 737 airplanes beginning in 2025, with installation available in 12 separate airplane locations and several different lavatory variations to choose from, including an accessible lavatory for passengers of all mobilities.

“We believe this advanced lavatory will be the standard for single-aisle aircraft for years to come,” said Troy Brunk, President of Interiors for Collins Aerospace in the release. “The next-generation lavatory enables a degree of choice not typically afforded narrow-body operators, with the flexibility and integrated technology for simple and efficient customization and installation of upgrades.”


  • An advanced, modular design provides maximum change flexibility, efficiently. Modules can be replaced within hours, allowing upgrades to occur over time or lessors to quickly cater changes dependent on their specific operator.
  • Customization and an expanded option catalog give customers a large selection of à la carte offerings to create a more bespoke final product, unique to their fleet of aircraft.
  • Sensor and infrared-enabled touchless technologies are activated with the wave of a hand. A touchless faucet comes standard, with touchless amenities such as toilet flush, waste bin, soap dispenser and toilet seat / lid as upgrade options.
  • An advanced centralized computing system controls the suite of touchless components and can be scaled to provide component health monitoring, predictive maintenance, amenity management and modularity, allowing for future integration of additional features.
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