December 14 2021  |  Cabin Equipment

MHI RJ Aviation Group and Aero HygenX sign cooperation agreement for RAY UV-C Robot

By Jane Hobson

RAY autonomous UV-C disinfecting robot from Aero HygenX

Aero HygenX, makers of the "RAY" line of UV-C light disinfecting technologies for aviation, and MHI RJ Aviation Group (MHIRJ) have announced that they have signed an agreement for the marketing and distribution of the autonomous UV-C cabin disinfecting products. The agreement marks the beginning of cooperation between the two companies, with the goals of making "faster, greener cabin disinfection readily available globally to operators of approximately 1300 CRJ Series aircraft," reads the December 8 press release.

Under the agreement, MHIRJ will support Aero HygenX in marketing the RAY line of chemical-free disinfection solutions. The RAY line, which uses UV-C light technology proven by Aero HygenX to eliminate pathogens from cabin surfaces and air, will be offered to CRJ operators as a cabin disinfection method. MHIRJ will include information about the Aero HygenX’s technologies within its technical publications.

"Aero HygenX is a dynamic start-up with global vision and advanced technology that’s designed to improve health and safety as our industry gets back on track. At MHIRJ, we applaud solutions that aim at keeping our operators and their passengers safe while offering clean green alternatives," said Robert Duffield, Head of Aftermarket Customer and Product Support at MHIRJ.

"We are thrilled to have been selected by MHIRJ as an innovative cabin disinfection option for their valued CRJ operators. MHIRJ has a long-standing reputation for superior aftermarket care and service, and we are committed to enhance the daily operations of CRJ operators through the abilities of RAY," said Arash Mahin, CEO at Aero HygenX. "It’s especially rewarding to know that RAY products, which are manufactured in Ottawa, are now much more likely to be disinfecting a global fleet of Canadian-made aircraft."

Designed for the transportation industry, RAY is a compact and light-weight autonomous robot which uses motion sensing technology to autonomously navigate interior spaces and disinfect surfaces quickly, safely and without the use of harmful chemicals, using UV-C light.

Based on tests conducted by Aero HygenX, RAY has the ability to disinfect a CRJ aircraft in as little as five minutes and can also be used to disinfect lavatory and cockpit areas. RAY has been optimized for various aircraft types and comes equipped with HygenX Stream, a customizable software that records and transmits usage data wirelessly to the cloud, providing valuable system health monitoring and status updates to the operator.

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