September 17 2021  |  Cabin Equipment

SEKISUI KYDEX introduces Kleerdex Custom Translucents product line

By Jane Hobson

The SEKISUI KYDEX Kleerdex™ Custom Translucents divider panel

SEKISUI KYDEX reveals the launch of their newest product line, Kleerdex™ Custom Translucents, developed to elevate the passenger experience.

Kleerdex is a fully compliant, decorative translucent thermoplastic developed for aviation interiors. Designers can achieve refined cabin architecture using a blend of tactile elements, patterns, and hues.

"With our custom translucent solutions, airlines can enhance their brand in areas such as privacy panels, stowage compartments, galleys, and more. Combining texture, colour, and imagery with light provides passengers with a highly-desirable sense of privacy and a brighter, more spacious atmosphere," said Karyn McAlphin, Design Director at SEKISUI KYDEX.

There are 12 colors to choose from

Twelve texture options are available, and colors can be mixed and matched to increase intensity or create custom color. Digital imagery can also be added.

Designed for Aviation interiors using KYDEX® FST CLR, Kleerdex meets the strict requirements for fire, smoke and toxicity while also being chemical resistant.

Colors can be mixed and matched for a custom design

"The SEKISUI KYDEX designLab and appLab teams recognized the desire to develop a solution that allows designers to draw inspiration from architectural design and navigate the demanding aviation certification requirements," said Ben Smalley, Aviation Business Manager, SEKISUI KYDEX. "Kleerdex Custom Translucents opens the door for the aviation interiors industry to incorporate design features that have been desired for years but may not have been possible due to certification or supply chain complexity constraints."

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