September 15 2021  |  Cabin Equipment

MAC Aero Interiors introduces touchless lavatories solutions

By Jane Hobson

Smart Touchless Lavatory by MAC Aero Interiors

MAC Aero Interiors, a subsidiary of a global provider of total technical care for aircraft operators and lessors, Magnetic MRO, has announced the development of a new product line for touchless lavatories solutions designed to restore passenger faith in air travel.

"Before the pandemic, carriers have been investing in cabin modifications to make them stand out from the competition – but since early 2020, with the cost-saving mode on, airlines are reluctant to make new orders, and the signs of confidence can only be seen when considering modifications for the increased safety, or to match the mandatory requirements," reads the press release.

Marko Männiste, Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors

With the demand for safety and hygiene solutions in mind, MAC Aero Interiors, together with the industrial designers' team, is developing the Smart Touchless Lavatory. The solution aims to meet the need for safety and trust for airlines and passengers as well as to mitigate concerns about the transmission of the virus on board. Additionally, the touchless solutions are designed to function as upgrades rather than total refurbishment, allowing airlines to implement the solution without a hefty price tag.

"Instead of totally new solutions that are costly, customers are expecting cost-efficient solutions, for example, relatively easy upgrades for lavatories to make them more touchless instead of opting for the brand new, albeit good looking, product or modification. With this in mind, we are developing the touchless lavatories solution that would allow us to merge the best of two worlds – reasonable price and increased safety," said Marko Männiste, Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors.

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