August 3 2021  |  Cabin Equipment

ABC International launches B2C e-commerce shop

By Jane Hobson

ABC personal protective products kit

ABC International is set to enter the B2C (business to consumer) market with the launch of an E-commerce platform to promote its line of personal protection products, FLY SAFE.

Backed by its many years of industry experience and inspired by a true passion for the aviation sector, the platform aims to support industry recovery for both operators and passengers. The E-commerce shop sells air travel related products directly to passengers to help revive their confidence in flying, with the convenience of allowing people to shop from the comfort of home.

“In such a difficult time we felt the need to study a solution not only for our trusted airline partners but also for the real engine of the industry – the passenger,” said Alberto D’Ambrosio, Chief Executive Officer at ABC International.

The E-commerce platform is the first step of an expanding long-term B2C strategy for ABC International. The company plans to reach more sales platforms such as airport duty-free shops and sales points closer to passengers.


FLY SAFE products are designed for passengers who have sanitization and cleanliness top of mind. The products incorporate advanced material technology to ensure protection for safe flight and airport transit: masks, seat covers and sanitizing spray.

FLY SAFE seat cover

FLY SAFE includes the following products in several size format options:

  • FLY SAFE Protective Masks: Individual reusable Protection Devices (D.P.I.) manufactured in Italy by ABC INTERNATIONAL using custom made technical fabrics that conform to the OEKO-TEXT® Standard 100, the highest standard in the textile industry, water-repellent and subject to Sanitized® TH 22-27 antibacterial treatment, which can be re-activated after washing them at 40°C and ironing for few seconds

FLY SAFE face mask

  • FLY SAFE Disposable Protective Seat Covers: Made of lightweight non-woven fabric for comfort on any economy class aircraft seat model (leather or fabric covered), protect from virus and germs, avoids direct contact with seating surfaces (both backrest and bottom), easy design
  • FLY SAFE Seat Sanitizing Spray: Sanitize aircraft passenger seat surfaces, made of a hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaning and disinfectant products it removes/kills germs from surfaces, designed for use in the aircraft cabin use, suitable for leather and fabric seat covers

FLY SAFE spray sanitizer

“Our FLY SAFE products are made available to the passengers directly through our e-commerce website. Soon they will be also available in shops and alternative channels. However, we keep our primary commitment to serve airliners with an outstanding service,” said D’Ambrosio. “FLY SAFE array of products is available B2B. It can be provided, personalized or not, directly to those airliners adopting cabin safety policies and oriented to high premium service standards.”

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