December 7 2020  |  Cabin Equipment

Airbus gears up for FTE APEX Virtual Expo

By Jane Hobson

Airbus' A320 Airspace

At FTE APEX Virtual Expo, platinum event sponsor Airbus will discuss problem-solving and future developments and showcase its cabin products and innovations in its virtual booths.

“A topic of particular importance to us is the ‘Clean Cabin’. We would like to use the Virtual Expo to make our insights about this and our overall product offer transparent to everyone,” Vice President, Cabin Marketing, Ingo Wuggetzer tells PAX. “This will help us to support the airlines’ operations, build trust with regards to hygienic aircraft cabins, and help for a quick recovery.”

Airbus executives are poised to participate in many Expo events; Jeff Knittel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Airbus Americas will deliver a Keynote speech about sustainability and clean and safe air travel. And, there will be a panel discussion with Mark Cousin, CEO of Airbus’ Silicon Valley-based innovation center.

The Airbus booth will showcase the company’s ‘Keep Trust in Air Travel,’ initiative, an Airspace update on the A320neo Family and the Airspace experience across Airbus products, plus the Airspace Cabin Vision 2030.

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