November 10 2020  |  Cabin Equipment

Perfecting protection with ABC International

By Sabrina Pirillo

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's October 2020 digital edition.

The seat covers are made of non-woven fabric and premium quality recyclable material

To help build passenger confidence and provide a safe cabin environment, Italian design company ABC International has developed a range of disposable seat covers and cabin placards kits.

“We believe at this stage we need to bring passengers back on board, despite the limitations,” says Alberto D'ambrosio, Chief Executive Officer at ABC International. “The more they see a safe cabin environment the more they will be happy to fly.”

Made from non-woven fabric and premium recyclable material, the seat covers are available in a variety of colors and can be personalized with the airline logo. They are specifically designed to be changed easily after every flight, with an elastic edge that fits around any economy seat. This helps create the “perception of hygiene” in the cabin, says Olinda Spatola, HDO at ABC.

The cabin placard kits are made to order and are used to help airlines enforce precautions in the cabin, such as ‘Wear the mask,’ ‘Wash your hands,’ and ‘Keep distance.’ Airlines can customize the placards, which have 21J approval for installation.

The company has also created reusable protective face masks for cabin crew. They are made of nylon fabric which conform to Oeko-Text standard 100 with antibacterial and water repellent features.

The masks made of nylon fabric conform to Oeko-Text standard 100 with antibacterial and water repellent features

“As passengers begin to travel again, a continued safe and pleasant cabin environment experience is vital,” said a release from ABC. “To assist with this achievement, gloves, disposable masks, thermo-scanners (thermometers) are all extremely important tools to protect passengers while ensuring comfortable levels on board have been achieved.”

ABC International plans to launch its cabin protective equipment products on its upcoming business-to-business e-commerce platform in the near future. Although the products are still in the launch phase, they have been designed following with a material compliance study and are ready to fly.

The ABC International gel sanitizer rack can be installed in any location on the aircraft and fits any gel bottle up to 500ml

The launch of these products comes on the heels of the reveal of ABC’s sanitizer gel rack. The rack supports good hygiene and risk reduction during- and post-COVID-19. The rack can be installed in any location on the aircraft and is designed to fit any gel bottle up to 500ml. The vertical slider with smart-locking system makes the rack compliant with CS 25.789(a) requirement pertaining to the item of mass retaining. The design can be customized with the airline logo.

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