July 29 2020  |  Cabin Equipment

ABC International officially launches life-vest boxes

By Jane Hobson

The Rigid Life-vest Box is lightweight, durable and easy to check

ABC International has announced the official launch of its new, versatile and lightweight life-vest boxes. The Rigid Life-vest Box by ABC is designed in compliance with certification standards and in accordance to TSA safety and security regulations.

Features of the Rigid Life-vest Box:

  • easy accessibility
  • lightweight
  • a tailor-made size
  • high flexibility to integrate the box in a variety of different seat models

The transparent box provides easy access to passenger life-vests in every seating position throughout the cabin. The life-vest is removed from the box with one single action. The box is equipped with an "anti-intrusion" tamper seal and other seals to discourage passengers from using it improperly. The transparent box allows crew to perform the fastest possible visual inspection during transit check in order to ensure presence of life-vest underneath any seat.The solution can be installed on the most common seats via an adaptable aluminum interface sheet.

The Life Vest Rigid Box is manufactured using flame-retardant and high-strength polycarbonate resin-UV stabilized material by means of injection molding technology. Resistance to damages and long-lasting materials are distinctive elements of the box. Furthermore, the size of the box allows it to store the most common standards single cell passenger life preservers.

The versatile design gives the opportunity to customize even further the box for every need and, most importantly, dedicated solutions may be designed to allow full integration within any new seating system. Different shapes and dimensions can be developed and manufactured.

ABC International box is an airworthy product and ready to be installed on board. It is fully compliant with the CS/AR 25.853(a) requirements and successfully tested as part of the “seat system” against CS/FAR 25.562.

ABC International can perform, under its Part21J privileges, the box retrofit installation on board of already flying seats while a cooperation is also possible with seat OEMs to integrate in any cabin environment and configuration and of course on brand-new seats.

“We usually receive very specific request from our partners. They are aware about our unique “know how” and the unlimited cabin development support we can provide. They expect a lot from us,” said Olindo Spatola, Head of Design Organization, ABC International. “When I was informed about this project I suddenly realized the importance to develop a flexible design to fit any future request. The challenging part has been to fulfill our client’s requirement having in mind that."

The ABC rigid transparent box is currently flying with an undisclosed carrier, according to the press release.

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