April 3 2020  |  Cabin Equipment

What's Hot!: AIX Edition 4

By PAX Tech

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's April Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 2020 edition.

IZIT Leather XRT - Willow Tex: IZIT Leather XRT, a new light-weight 360-grams-per-square-meter leather alternative, was developed for aircraft seating applications. It meets oil burn flammability requirements for aircraft cushions assemblies, uses proprietary ECOCEL technology and features a solvent-free micro-porous foam layer that improves durability, scuff resistance and hydrolytic stability. This technology has already been used in automotive seating for more than a decade.

Life Vest Rigid Box - ABC International: The Life Vest Rigid Box by ABC International is designed to provide easy life best access to passengers in every seating configuration. Door opening and life vest extraction can be made with a single action. The box is manufactured using polycarbonate resin and supplied in transparent color for ease of inspection. Dedicated solutions may also be designed for airlines.

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