March 31 2020  |  Cabin Equipment

What's Hot!: AIX Edition 1

By PAX Tech

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's April Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 2020 edition.

Octaspring - Vanema: Vanema has introduced a new cabin crew mattress using Patented Octaspring Aerospace technology. With foam spring technology for breathable support and natural thermoregulation, the technology uses 50 percent fewer material in its production, saving up three kilograms of weight per mattress on the aircraft. El Al Israel Airlines partnered with the company the provide the mattress for crew on its 777.

portable IFE Sierra - Astronics Corporation:
Astronics' Sierra is an affordable, scalable solution that delivers IFE as a standalone unit from a single battery or, when installed and powered, can employ multiple units merged into a single network to cover a larger aircraft cabin. Sierra enable passengers to enjoy streaming audio, video, digital magazine content and more, matching the experience of installed IFE without the need for a supplemental type of certificate (STC).

SkyClip+device holder:
The SkyClip is a simple and affordable mounted mobile device holder. It eliminates the needs for passengers to balance several items on the tray, hold a personal device or adjust to get comfortable. It it foldable with non-slip surfaces and includes a detachable cord to secure the device. SkyClip+ works just as effectively on any flat surface. Compatible with most devices. Branding and custom colors available upon request. Branded SkySlip+ will fly on Air Canada Rouge starting in April.

Model DSS-101 Seat - Dynamic Safety: This seat features an ergonomically contoured seat pan and back support for short- and long-range flights. It has a high hinge-point seat back and sliding seat pan that allow for relaxed seating with increased space to rear passengers. The curved thin-back design gives passengers more space. Other features include a low HIC/ Femur test valued by design offering greater occupant protection and competitive weight for fully integrated Economy Class seats.

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