December 4 2019  |  Cabin Equipment

SEKISUI and others team up on seat back prototype

By PAX International

The Aurora Borealis seat back

A collaboration of companies and consultants are bringing a new seat back prototype to the Red Cabin Aviation Summit this week in London.

The Aurora Borealis Seat Back display features a split-tray table designed for touch and flexibility, a textured modular insert, colored light indicators, a media easel for personal devices, and soft storage for in-flight essentials.

SEKISUI SPI, a thermoplastics company, worked with a number of well-known firms to create the Aurora Borealis. Among the companies with input on the design were Aeolab, Berwick Machine, LLC, Bloomsburg Carpet, Custom Etch, Inc., Kobleder, Lantal, Matt Malejko, Orange Packaging, Red Cabin, Rohi, ROLLON Corp, SEKISUI Alveo, SEKISUI Voltek, Tapis, and TrendWorks.