October 27 2023  |  Aviation Trends

Ipeco sponsors Havens Hospices in fundraising art trail

By Robynne Trueman

The elephants will be placed around the city from mid-July to September. Afterward, they will be auctioned to raise funds for Havens Hospices.

Ipeco sponsoring and supporting Havens Hospices in its “Herd in the City” fundraising art trail. In the press release, Ipeco shared that the event will see a herd of 44 large and 71 baby elephants on display in the city.

The elephants are being stored at Ipeco until local artists, schools and groups begin decorating them later this month. Once decorated, the elephants will be featured around town to create the “Herd In The City” art trail.

Steve Johnson, CEO said, “Ipeco is delighted to be involved in supporting the exceptional work that Havens Hospice does for the community. Fortunately, we had an empty enclosure that was spacious enough to accommodate a herd of elephants and their offspring. So, when we were asked if we could help, we didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes.'"

Ipeco said in its press release that the company has its own baby elephant in the parade trail called P-Nut. The elephant is crafted from small aerospace components and upholstery material typically used in flight decks and executive passenger seats.

There is also a dazzling baby elephant covered in bling named Twinkle Toes, created by Sarah Nash, the company’s Finance Director.

Ele the Explorer is the giant elephant in the group who runs the herd and was painted by twin sisters Rachael and Phillippa, read the press release.

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