June 14 2022  |  Aviation Trends

The LSG Group unveils its ‘next’ innovation at WTCE

By Jane Hobson, in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg – Today at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) the LSG Group unveiled its new proprietary innovation program called “next.” The program aims to further accelerate the innovation process internally and increase concept co-creation with its customers and partners.

"next is about reigniting the company’s creative power after having been transformed by a strategy realignment, tested new ideas and seized fresh business opportunities during the pandemic," reads the June 14 press release. "Therefore, in order to promote the kind of innovative thinking that will take the company to a higher level in terms of operational processes and meeting customer needs through collaboration, they decided to develop a new program through which everyone within the organization will be able to apply a new creative approach with a set of modules for developing, connecting and testing new ideas, in conjunction with the tools that will get them to implementation or the market faster. It will also offer the company’s key customers the chance to co-create, design, test and launch future-ready products, services, and solutions with them."

next will establish a continuous, fast-paced innovation approach as a core element of the LSG Group's mission to “connect food and people. Everywhere.” External experts from a strategic design agency, experienced in designing similar collaborative platforms, have joined them to help guide these efforts, the company explained.

"Innovation happens every day in our organization when we bring people and ideas together, break down silos and drive change," said LSG Group CEO Erdmann Rauer. "With next, we are building a tailor-made LSG innovation model that will cover the major phases of the innovation cycle and enable our employees to explore and further develop ideas. The goal is to accelerate our collective capacity to bring those ideas to life with innovations that can make our internal processes more efficient, unlock our culinary potential and sharpen our competitive edge while delivering on our promise to our customers with practical products and solutions. We are excited to be able to present this to our customers with the opening of the WTCE."

The program will also include an "innovation academy" through which Group employees will be empowered with the necessary knowledge to effectively engage in the creative process through training and innovation tools and formats.

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