May 10 2022  |  Aviation Trends

Retail inMotion launches sustainability initiatives

By Rick Lundstrom

Retail inMotion (RiM) today announced the launch of its sustainability strategy, which will encompass IT solutions, product selection, sourcing, loading, and crew processes.

“As part of its sustainability strategy, RiM aims to focus on the creation of inspiring solutions, which serve all aspects: people, planet and joint prosperity, the three-pillar approach of its parent company LSG Group," said a release from the Dublin-based company. “RiM’s solutions strive to minimize environmental impacts linked with operations and reduce airlines’ footprint in the air by using business intelligence and data expertise to optimise their loading.”

RiM will offer a complete sustainable product portfolio that includes packaging and printing options. RiM will also identify solutions to improve planning and logistics with the help of artificial intelligence technology to calculate the airlines’ fresh product demand and reduce waste rates.

“Sustainability is the greatest social and economic opportunity of our time,” said Nils Taubert, Chief Executive Director at Retail inMotion. “We must understand that our actions have consequences. Hence, we embrace the duty to create long-term value (for business, environment, and society) with sustainability as a strategic imperative.”

Ersan Erdogdu, Head of Sustainability and Risk Management at Retail inMotion added: “At RiM, we are committed to a sustainable future. We collaborate with airlines and suppliers of the onboard retail value chain in creating sustainable solutions, designed to enhance the passenger experience.”

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