August 10 2021  |  Aviation Trends

Airside Mobile Inc. announces digital vaccine pass

By Jane Hobson

Airside Mobile, Inc. has announced the launch of a fully integrated digital health pass to allow individuals to conveniently store and manage their COVID vaccination records and use it to help resume their lives.

The Airside Digital Identity Network empowers travelers with an easy, private, and secure way to manage and share their personal identity information via the Airside Digital ID app. It also allows businesses and organizations to request verified digital identity information so they can provide consumers with benefits and services without the liability and cost of storing sensitive personal data.

"In this uncertain time of COVID-related regulations, understanding how to store and present vaccination records is increasingly confusing and stressful," said Amena Ali, CEO of Airside. "Many people have been vaccinated in multiple locations, and they have no central, digital record to easily access, so we are helping them do that - both today and in the future with the potential for additional booster shots. Using the Airside Digital Identity App and underlying Network to manage and access this health data is a timely and powerful concept for consumers and businesses for peace of mind, travel, education and work."

Airside’s technology adds two trust components to the digital Health Pass: linking biometric-based, verified mobile IDs to vaccination information, and enabling the sharing of these credentials with trusted organizations, such as an airline operator or local government agency, on a needs-based, time-bound, consent basis.

Airside’s first product, Airside Mobile Passport, has been downloaded by more than nine million people and is counted on by more than 30 U.S. airports and cruise ports for seamless travel by reducing shared touch points, long lines, and crowding. Airside has expanded to a broader digital identity network, with technology and a distributed architecture that can easily scale.

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