July 20 2021  |  Aviation Trends

Reckitt research reveals germ concern among passengers

By Jane Hobson

The findings of Reckitt’s Strategic Partnership Research reveal an overall health concern among international travelers.

Reckitt is the multinational producer behind health and hygiene brands such as Lysol and Dettol. In mid-April 2021, its Global Business Solutions Team commissioned market research and consulting firm Hauser & Associates, to gather global data to better understand pre- and post-COVID consumer sentiments. Data was collected from a variety of regions, including the US, UK, India, China and Middle East (Saudi Arabia and UAE). The research focused on consumer usage habits and sentiments about airlines, and assessed the impact of a Lysol/Dettol partnership program on consumer in the industry.

The findings reveal a major “germ concern.” The research suggests that seventy-seven percent of customers were extremely/somewhat concerned about germs while using airlines globally, and only 27 percent of customers surveyed were confident in the airline industry’s cleaning/disinfection protocols. Seventy-nine percent expect strict cleaning/disinfecting protocols in place in the airline industry.

As more locations open globally to vaccinated travelers, at the time the Hauser & Associates research was conducted, research findings revealed that 76 percent of customers polled were likely to take flights within six months. This increased by five percent with a cleaning and disinfection partnership in place; within the same timeframe, eighty-one percent of customers surveyed were likely to choose an airline that has a Reckitt partnership over one that had no cleaning and disinfection program.

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