Amenities & Comfort

April 13 2017

Qantas showcases Aussie art on…

From May 1st, the new range of kits featuring select artworks from 16 Australians specializing in a variety of different…

By Melissa Silva

December 10 2015

Rituals Comfort Kit

Rituals supplies customized amenity packs with a combination of products, including: a range of lip balms, facial creams,…

By Melissa Silva

December 8 2015

Amenity Kit

Linstol is redefining the traditional onboard amenity kit by combining fashion-inspired details with luxurious cosmetic brands…

By Melissa Silva

September 10 2015

Turkish Airlines Kids’ Kit

A modern-day amenity kit for children, the kid's kit designed by FORMIA for Turkish Airlines provides fun and entertainment…

By Melissa Silva

April 1 2015

Padded Headset Storage Bag

InflightDirect introduces a new, padded headset storage bag for carrying and protecting Active…

By Melissa Silva

August 20 2014

Overnight kits

Overnight kits by skysupply for Turkish Airlines' passengers

By Tanya Filippelli

July 8 2014

Belle Fleur

New, cutting edge brand by WESSCO International

By Tanya Filippelli

July 8 2014

Luxury takes flight

Prestigious male and female amenity kits

By Tanya Filippelli

May 28 2014

Making a splash

Holiday items for youngsters

By Tanya Filippelli

April 30 2014

Leading the way

Amenity bag collection by ETZIO®

By Tanya Filippelli

March 25 2014

Amenities with a digital edge

Reusable tablet case amenity kit

By Tanya Filippelli

March 11 2014

New product suites for children

Skysupply and Air Mauritius partner to deliver products for young fliers

By Tanya Filippelli

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