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March 31 2020

What's Hot!: WTCE Edition 1

What's trending now when it come to improving the passenger experience

By PAX International

January 13 2020

ECOFELLA to debut green items in…

The company will launch new enviro-conscious products at WTCE

By Jane Hobson

May 22 2019

Travel-sized Vallebelle pillow…

Now available to airlines through Albéa Travel Designer

By Mary Jane Pittilla

May 14 2019

Craftis keeps kids "bizzi"

The Craftis team has over 12 years’ experience helping brands engage with children

By PAX International

February 7 2019

Recycled rPET blankets by Kaelis

Polyethylene terephthalate is the most popular type of plastic found in beverage containers

By PAX International

August 21 2018

New earbuds and headphones from…

InfligthDirect's two new models of earpieces will be showcased at APEX

By PAX International

May 16 2018

100% Mulberry Silk Travel Sheet…

Travel sheet and sleep mask are 100% mulberry silk , making them compact, lightweight and easy to pack

By Ash Khan

May 3 2018

Wet-Nap HospiCare Plus

Wet-Nap's food safe and moisturizing towelettes are made for cabin crew and passengers alike

By Rachel Debling

March 22 2018

Kaelis introduces headphones for…

Air Europa's latest headphones feature passive noise cancellation and removable ear cuffs

By Rachel Debling

March 7 2018

Buzz and Delta's kit nabs finalist…

The personalized kit was created in collaboration with TUMI

By Rachel Debling

January 31 2018

nod2.0 reduces stress, enhances…

The new pillow design prevents unwanted head bobbing in transit

By Ash Khan

December 21 2017

Brussels Airlines and Galileo Watermark…

The surrealist has been recognized for his influence in pop and contemporary art.

By Rachel Debling

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