June 25 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

Interview with GIP's Wafa Zaghdadi: Looking back at a successful WTCE

By Jane Hobson

Wafa Zaghdadi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Global Inflight Products at the company booth at WTCE 2024

Global Inflight Products (GIP) tells PAX International it achieved its goals for WTCE 2024: To enhance the passenger experience while prioritizing sustainability, social responsibility and governance.

“WTCE 2024 was indeed a success for GIP. We successfully met with all our valuable customers and many new prospects. I want to extend my gratitude to WTCE for their connect platform, which maximized our time and allowed us to conduct numerous meetings efficiently,” says Wafa Zaghdadi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GIP.

The "Green Is Possible" Products on display at the Global Inflight Products booth

The "Green Is Possible" booth at WTCE 2024

This year’s booth highlighted the company’s range of innovative products including its finest bone China sets, a new line of distinguished glassware tailored for different beverages and a dedicated section for its "Green Is Possible" initiative. “Green Is Possible” emphasizes sustainable solutions that enhance the passenger experience while reducing costs. One standout product featured is GIP’s trayless solution for hot and cold meals, which is 100 percent compostable, ovenable, water and oil-proof, and designed to accommodate 84 meals per trolley, ensuring ease of use for cabin crews.

“We aim to assist airlines in eliminating all single-use plastic products by offering more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives,” Zaghdadi explains.

The Authentic Asian dining set by by Global Inflight Products

The Finest Bone China dinnerware by Global Inflight Products

She explains that GIP differentiates itself in the market through its innovations and products range; customization and quality; its comprehensive sustainability approach and cost efficiency and long-term value. Zaghdadi breaks these down into the below:

  • Innovation and product range: Continuously innovating and expanding its product range with sustainable alternatives, demonstrating leadership in adapting to industry trends and customer preferences.
  • Customization and quality: Maintaining high standards of quality and customization that blend elegance with functionality to meet diverse airline needs.
  • Comprehensive Sustainability Approach: Integrating sustainability throughout its business strategy, including supply chain practices, packaging solutions, and ongoing research into eco-friendly materials.
  • Cost efficiency and long-term value: Ensuring sustainability contributes to cost efficiency with products that offer longer lifespans and reduced operational costs, delivering lasting value alongside environmental benefits.
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