June 5 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

WTCE issue: Procurall Solutions is prioritizing progress

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's May 2024 WTCE issue, on page 51.

The United Business Class Transcon kits by Procurall Solutions are designed to redefine the inflight experience by prioritizing self-care and green initiatives

Since its debut at WTCE 2022, Procurall Solutions has dedicated itself to developing innovative and environmentally aware solutions to help alleviate the operational challenges airlines face. By proactively addressing these issues, Procurall not only enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction but also bolsters the airlines’ commitments to environmental and social responsibility. 

Over the past 18 months, Procurall has launched an impressive array of programs and strategic partnerships, designed to enhance its value proposition to airlines while proving that eco-friendly practices can seamlessly integrate with luxury and comfort in the travel and hospitality industry.

The team at Procurall Solutions

In August 2023, Procurall unveiled the new United Business Class Transcon kits, developed in collaboration with Asutra, a wellness skincare brand co-owned by Venus Williams. These kits are crafted to redefine the inflight experience by prioritizing self-care and green initiatives. Notably, the Asutra kits are both reusable and recyclable, and Procurall successfully eliminated all single-use plastics from the kits, solving a pain point for United Airlines by reducing waste and aligning with circular manufacturing principles.

Procurall’s commitment to earth-friendly luxury continues with the launch of JetBlue’s Eco-Comfort, Buy-on-Board Program, which features a curated selection of eco-savvy travel essentials made from recycled PET bottles. This use of rPET not only consumes 33 to 53 percent less energy and water than traditional polyester but directly addresses another key concern in airline operations, especially in regions where water scarcity is prevalent.

Procurall tells PAX International it is proud to showcase at booth 4D50 an extensive portfolio of environmentally responsible products and partner colllaborations that span soft goods, amenity kits, tableware and audio equipment. Each product has been carefully selected to align with the airline partners’ sustainability goals and the evolving needs of passengers. Procurall continues to deepen its commitment to developing eco-sensitive aviation solutions, striving toward a more environmentally sustainable future.

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