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Guest Column: Introducing Watermark magazine

By Kenny Harmel, Managing Partner, Watermark

Kenny Harmel, Managing Partner, Watermark

At Watermark, we have always been driven by a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability and progress. As we move forward, these principles remain at the forefront of our endeavours.

In our continuous efforts to innovate, we remain mindful of our responsibility to the planet. This encompasses a pledge to minimize our environmental impact, foster ethical practices and advocate for responsible consumption. We believe that every component, within any product, holds the potential for positive change.

The heightened focus on sustainability, both within public discourse and ever-evolving international legislation, is shaping a new era for the airline industry. True sustainability, however, transcends material improvements, necessitating a comprehensive examination of a product's entire lifecycle and its end of life.

A preview of Watermark's The Sustainability Issue

“As we journey towards 2030, our company is committed to undergoing a transformation,” -Kenny Harmel, Managing Partner, Watermark

This contributes to our 2030 vision. This vision is not a distant goal, but rather a roadmap guiding our every action. You can find out more about our vision, as well as sustainability in our industry and our everyday lives in our new magazine, The Sustainability Issue.

Through this magazine, we aim to foster a community dedicated to driving transformative change.

For a copy, please reach out to info@watermark1980.com.

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