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JR Technologies launches retail platform

By Alex Preston

The Aerostream Travel Retailing Platform was built to help airlines transition to a modern digital retailing mode

Airline retailer solutions provider JR Technologies has launched Aerostream, a multi-product airline retailing platform.

Unveiled ahead of September's World Aviation Festival held in Lisbon, the new platform features Offer and Order Management based on New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order principles, creating a more seamless customer experience that follows e-commerce retailing best practices.

The suite contains multiple modules, including an Ancillaries Manager that orchestrates the merchandising and distribution of airline and third-party travel products, a white-label customer support portal that enables support teams to assist customers with booking and reservation modifications and a management portal used to configure business rules and analyze performance.

The company claims Aerostream is one of the first travel retailing platforms to offer a true multi-product shopping cart that allows passengers to purchase and manage their entire trip in one place.

"As many companies in the market are attempting to implement an Order Management system, we are proud to have Aerostream live with clients in a production environment,” said JR Technologies CEO Adarsh Suneja in a recent statement. “Aerostream enables carriers to create new revenue streams, reduce costs and deliver the modern digital retailing experience that customers expect, driving increased sales and greater customer loyalty.”

Airlines’ legacy technologies and systems can often impede the delivery of an enhanced retail customer experience by limiting agility, innovation, and scalability. These outdated systems often struggle to integrate with modern customer relationship management tools, hindering airlines' ability to personalize services, offer dynamic pricing and efficiently manage inventory. Legacy systems are more vulnerable to security breaches, posing risks to customer data and trust.

Aerostream is a modular and adaptable retailing platform that leverages NDC technology and is ONE Order-ready for third-party integration, enabling airlines to create a convenient, curated travel booking and post-booking experience that models digital retailing best practices with a broader array of ancillaries and more personalization opportunities.

In addition, the enhanced shopping experience offered by Aerostream makes it easier for loyalty program members to collect and redeem points, enabling airlines to reduce points liability through increased redemption activity.

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