February 16 2021  |  Amenities & Comfort

Wearable tech ring monitors COVID symptoms during sleep

By Jane Hobson

The O2Ring by Wellue Health

A wearable tech device is making it easier for people to track blood oxygen levels while sleeping, whether it is in bed at home or inflight. The O2Ring, manufactured by California-based Wellue Health, is a medical-grade blood oxygen level that tracks and measures pulse oxygen saturation (Sp02), breathing and heart rate overnight. The FDA-registered device uses the same transmissive oximetric technology as hospital and clinics. The ring is helpful for anyone suffering from sleep apnea issues and many underlying condition that can lead to COVID-19, reads the February 2021 press release from Wellue.

The ring monitors heart rate and oxygen levels as soon as it is worn on the finger. It operates continuously throughout the night. It measures data and sends detailed reports to the accompanying free iOS/Android app every four seconds, so users can better manage and share health information with medical professionals. A vibrating alarm wakes the wearer when low oxygen levels or abnormal heart rate is detected. The O2Ring may help people with breathing issues, snoring, sleep apnea, COPD, pneumonia, asthma and pregnancy, and those with obesity and recovery from COVID-19.

"Monitoring your blood oxygen levels is one of the most important ways to identify and treat COVID-19 symptoms," says Bob He, Chief Marketing Officer at Wellue. "We're proud to have a product on the market that can help million better track and manage their health."

The ring retails for US$159 and is available via the Wellue website and Amazon.

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