May 28 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

SPIRIANT adding to amenity line

By Rick Lundstrom

SPRIANT is launching a range of #flysafe amenity kits featuring branded products for use in all classes.

“The Covid-19 crisis has shaken up our lives and how we operate as businesses,” said the company. “Even before all this happened, we were looking at different directions on how brand partnerships can evolve.”

SPIRIANT sees new new types of brands becoming a norm in the immediate future. The company has partnered with companies that can be suitable for airlines looking for premium hygiene products.

Bondi Wash is one of them. The Australian-based organic brand has created a hand spray and a mist spray to be used on seats and other surfaces with plant oils like Tasmanian pepper and lavender which are confirmed by independent lab testing to ‘kill 99.99% of germs (bacteria tested include ecoli & staphylococcus)’ as well as both influenza (H1N1, influenza A) and coronavirus murine hepatitis virus (MHV). This is a coronavirus that affects animals and causes similar symptoms to the one currently affecting humans, COVID-19.

Another SPIRIANT’s partner has developed the patented “FUZE” technology to be used on soft cotton poplin face masks. FUZE is a chemical-free eco-friendly technology used to prevent and protect against 99.9% of bacteria, mold and infectious diseases and can withstand 100 washes. Dedicated to sustainability, only a small amount of FUZE is applied during a light misting process at either the factory or the consumer level, causing no harmful effects to the user or the environment.

Both brands are in line with SPIRIANT’s direction of moving forward with providing airlines with sustainable solutions in amenity kits.

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