May 20 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

Matrix introduces brand of personal protection products

By Jane Hobson

Matrix has launched the BeCleanCo range of personal protection products

London-based product design, development and sourcing agency Matrix has announced the launch of the BeCleanCo brand.

The range of products includes personal protection items designed to navigate the new normal when passengers return to the cabin, with the mission to "reduce the spread of harmful bacteria," according to the press release.

Some of the products include antibacterial hand gels which combine bacteria-killing agents and hydration. They are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Hygiene Face Masks limit the spread of bacteria and offer triple layer protection with a secure fit and pleats for full nose and mouth coverage. They are individually wrapped and come 50 in a box. Hygiene Gloves are latex free, disposable and come in a one size format, 50 pairs of gloves per box. These products are available in the Hospitality & Leisure Kit (Hygiene Face Mask, hand gel, packed in wax paper pouch) and the Back to Work Desktop Kit (Hygiene Face Mask, hand gel, sanitizing wipe, packed in zipped pouch).

"We have had a great launch and the brand is growing quickly. We are already flying on a UK and Spanish airline," Chief Executive Officer Harry Zalk tells PAX International. "We have also created back to work packs for offices, airports, airlines."

Matrix was established in 1996 and now has offices in London, Hong Kong, China and Dubai.

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