April 2 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

What's Hot!: WTCE Edition 3

By PAX International

This is a special feature from PAX International's April World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Hamburg 2020 edition.

Inventory Now - AVID Products: AVID's ready to ship Inventory Now program stocks inflight entertainment and comfort products to suit passenger and airline requests. Its convenient order form includes everything to enhance the passenger experience.

Compostable meal boxes - WK Thomas: Easy to hold, fill and close, these one-piece plant-based bagasse meal boxes from WK Thomas are compact, plastic-free and 100 percent compostable. They are designed to fit 8 meals per Atlas trolley draw, ideal for both hot and cold service. They are suitable for both oven and microwave and are available with optional PLA coating for extended shelf-life requirements.

SAS sustainable Cube - gategroup: The Cube, part of the New Nordic by SAS food concept, is an in-air dining experience by SAS Scandinavian Airlines. The sustainable transformation of the packaging, redesigned by gategroup's deSter brand, is free of plastic, reducing up to 51 tons of plastics per year. The cutlery has been changed from oil-based to plant-based and the cutlery kit is wrapped in a recycled paper napkin instead of a paper bag. It features FSC cardboard containers inside with plant-based polymer coating.

Coat hanger - Kaelis: This ABC plastic coat hanger innovation from Kaelis has two built-in number wheels that crew members set to correspond with the passenger's seat number to make coat check-in service run smoothly for all KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Business Class passengers and crew. It eliminates the need to collect boarding passes to hang a coat, saves time and reduces the chance of misplacing belongings.

Zen Garden Vegetables flavor - Mr Lee's Pure Foods: Mr Lee's Pure Foods has introduced the Zen Garden Vegetables flavor of gourmet instant noodles on Norwegian Airlines and Virgin Australia this spring. This cup of miso rice noodles has sweet asparagus, crunch green beans, spinach and ginger. It's a hot snack option for dietary specifications including vegan, certified gluten free and low in sugar.

Recycled material cutlery packs - WK Thomas: WK Thomas' line of disposable eco-friendly cutlery packs are available in wood, paper and other recycled materials, reducing single-use plastics. The mix-and-match cutlery packs are available in both recyclable and compostable wrappers with custom print and labeling options.

Jack Link's branded snacks - Snackbox To-Go: Focusing on expanding the airline side of Jack Link's branded products, Snackbox To-Go now offers protein products including Beef Jerky, Perpami and Bifi to airlines.

ToyChoc boxes - PLAYin CHOC: The award-winning chocolatier PLAYin CHOC added 66 animals to its collectible snack range. Each box contains a toy assembly kit, fun facts and two organic vegan chocolates. It is all ecofriendly and supports charities.

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