March 31 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

What's Hot!: WTCE Edition 1

By PAX International

This is a special feature from PAX International's April World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo Hamburg 2020 edition.

Green items - ECOFELLA: Holland-based ECOFELLA has announced a line of eco-friendly products designed for the travel and hospitality industry. They are made from bamboo and recycled paper, including straws, cutlery, hair combs, cotton buds and coffee stir sticks. For every toothbrush sold, ECOFELLA plants a tree in Madagascar.

Yellow Dog Bakeries - HACO & Classic City Bakeries: Founded on the premise that all dogs deserve a loving home, HACO & Classic City Bakeries have launched Yellow Dog Bakeries. The thaw and serve cookies come in a variety of sizes and flavors with nationwide US distribution. A port of sales facilitates dog rescue efforts. Contact for more info.

Business class tableware - Clip: Clip's Business Class tableware for Edelweiss Air is made from SiloxiHT lightweight ceramic, reducing the weight load onboard and making it easier for crew to handle. The versatile design offers lots of combination options and the shapes and glaze create a high-end upscale appeal during inflight food service.

Hot Snacks - Beemster: Netherlands-based cheesemaker Beemster is presenting a new range of airlines snacks, especially hot snacks and ready-to-eat meal solutions featuring the award-winning cheese. These include the Beemster Breakfast Burrito and Mercury Award-winning Beemster Bun.

EgyptAir business class kits - Bayart Innovations: Bayart Innovations refreshed EgyptAir's Business Class amenity kits for medium-haul flgihts. The soft pouches include an eyeshade, anti-slip socks wrapped in a paper band, earplugs, wipes, and toothbrush and hairbrush made from sustainable wood that can be reused. The kits are set to launch in summer 2020.

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