May 22 2019  |  Amenities & Comfort

Travel-sized Vallebelle pillow mists now available

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Albéa Travel Designer, the French designer of travel products, offers a full range of relaxing items based on olfactive pleasure, including a travel-sized version of its Vallebelle pillow mist.

Albéa Travel Designer draws on the packaging expertise of its parent group to develop full-service Vallebelle items for the travel industry. The Vallebelle pillow mist has already been carried in an amenity kit on board Joon, the Air France subsidiary.

Following the successful reception of its mists at WTCE 2019, Albéa is working on other innovative projects, directly linked to the wellbeing and olfactive memory of passengers, according to Maxime Ridoux, Marketing and Brand Partnership Manager, Albéa Travel Designer.

Vallebelle’s perfumed mist range consists of eight fresh and colorful fragrances, each of which has a Basque name: Hodei, Elura, Semea, Alaba, Nahia, Horia, Aisia and Bakea.

Developed with high-quality raw materials and packaged by hand, Vallebelle manufactures its mists in France. The brand has chosen to use aluminium bottles because they are recyclable and weigh very little, making them easy to transport. Vallebelle also keeps the packaging to a minimum.

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