November 8 2023  |  Cruise Hospitality

Cathay Pacific introduces lounge in Shekou

By Jane Hobson

Cathay Pacific lounge view at the Shekou Cruise Home Port in Shenzen

Cathay Pacific announced in an October 3 press release that it's welcoming a new lounge to its network at the Shekou Cruise Home Port in Shenzen. Shekou’s codeshare high-speed ferries transport passengers directly to the SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) in just 30 minutes, the company said. This will allow passengers to through-check baggage onto Cathay Pacific flights to global destinations. There are eleven round trips running each day, making it one of the busiest ports connecting the Greater Bay Area and HKIA.

The opening of the lounge marks the first in the Cathay Pacific network outside of an airport. The company said it demonstrates their commitment to innovation and enhancing their services.

“We do not believe that the Cathay service only starts at the airport,” said Rose Wei, Head of Customer Experience - Intermodal, GBA. “Our ambition is to be the home carrier for the whole GBA, and we are dedicated to bringing our service into the region.”

“The new Shekou lounge gives passengers a chance to celebrate the true beginning of their journeys,” said Marcus Lui, Head of End-to-End Customer Experience & Strategy.

“We have to make a really strong first impression that sets the tone for the rest of the Cathay experience,” said Lui of the Shekou lounge. “But at the same time, we also want it to be absolutely in harmony and complementary to our Hong Kong and international lounges.”

The Shekou lounge reflects others in Cathay Pacific’s network through the signature design language created by StudioIlse. There is a familiar palette of earth tones, cherry wood, and bronze and brass details, complete with the airline’s signature dark green tiles.

It its press release, Cathay Pacific said their solo lounge chairs that offer comfort and privacy can be found in the new lounge as well. Lui called the lounge a comfortable home away from home for passengers on their travels.

“Obviously, a very luxurious home,” Lui added.

When asked what distinguishes the Shekou lounge from others in the network, Lui said the location is key. Located at the end of the pier, the lounge offers passengers 270-degree views of the area. It’s possible to see Hong Kong in the distance.

In addition to the view, the press release cited curated artwork as a key feature of the Shekou lounge. A commissioned triptych by the Guangzhou art collective Oriento offers an abstract interpretation of the landscape. Hong Kong-based photographer William Furniss’s artwork depicts city lights reflected on rippling water. The company said in its press release that every piece tells a story.

The food and beverage menus for Shekou lounge were designed to showcase regional flavors.

“The GBA is vibrant, affluent, and one of the most populous regions in the world – and it has huge potential,” said Wei. “We want to seize this opportunity and grow with the GBA, support it to really thrive – and to be the gateway between the region with the world.”

The Cathay Pacific lounge at Shekou will be open to all Cathay Diamond and Gold members, First Class and Business Class passengers, Cathay Silver members and relevant oneworld members will also be eligible when travelling with Cathay Pacific.

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