November 7 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

Lufthansa's City Airlines to take to the skies in summer 2024

By Jane Hobson

City Airlines is Lufthansa's new short-haul airline

Lufthansa's new short-haul airline City Airlines will take to the skies in summer 2024 according to a recent LinkedIn update from Lufthansa Airlines CEO Jens Ritter.

"Welcome City Airlines! Our new short-haul airline within the Lufthansa Airlines system. The newly established City Airlines will start flight operations in the summer of 2024. With the ‘newcomer’ we welcome an airline that will grow and therefore help strengthen the short-haul network. The airline was already established last year and received its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the German Federal Aviation Authority back in June this year. City Airlines will operate flights from our Munich and Frankfurt hubs and thus also offer feeder flights for Lufthansa," reads the LinkedIn post.

It continues: "Why are we doing this? On average, every Lufthansa long-haul flight carries passengers from up to 60 feeder flights that operate to our Frankfurt and Munich hubs. Unlike London or Paris neither Frankfurt nor Munich has a large enough catchment area to fill our long-haul flights. We must ensure that we can operate enough feeder flights as this will help us grow the Lufthansa long-haul business! Apart from the new livery, our passengers can look forward to a Lufthansa customer experience on board of each City Airlines aircraft."

City Airlines will take to the skies in summer 2024

Ritter said that recruitment of cockpit and cabin crew will begin this month. New for the airline, English speaking pilots are welcome to apply for open cockpit positions. Applicants with prior experience are preferred. This includes Lufthansa Group employees and Lufthansa CityLine staff in particular.

"Spread the word! You will be part of a big airline family that is united by one dream: connecting people, cultures and economies – in a sustainable way," Ritter said.

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