July 17 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

SKYPRO takes on sustainability in the uniform industry

By Reedah Hayder

SKYPRO has released its NextGen sustainable uniform collection, following its “Zero Waste Principle”

While uniforms play a significant role in many industries, their environmental consequences have often been largely overlooked. YouGov Galaxy reports that uniforms are widely used in many industries, with approximately half of the global workforce wearing them. Unfortunately, about 90 percent of personal protective equipment and work clothes are either thrown into landfills or burned.

New research from SKYPRO reveals that a company with 250 employees uses about 2 tonnes of uniforms in 12 to 18 months.

Companies are increasingly realizing the significance of teaming up with ethical and eco-friendly uniform suppliers to protect their brand and ensure customer safety when getting rid of uniforms with logos. These practices not only damage the environment but also undermine sustainability objectives.

“By implementing environmentally friendly measures, companies can contribute to a greener future while reaping economic benefits,” said SKYPRO’s Sustainability Director, Ricardo Silva in a July 13 press release.

SKYPRO is making a clear statement by showing its dedication to adopting Circular Business Models. They focus on sustainable design, take-back programs, repair, reusing, and properly disposing of clothes with logos. These practices bring benefits to both the environment and businesses, reducing production, transportation, and storage costs.

“By adopting these practices, the useful life of textiles can be extended, offering alternatives to the prevailing ‘fast-fashion’ mentality often associated with uniforms,” added Silva.

A major challenge in adopting sustainable uniforms is the reluctance to request environmentally friendly materials because of concerns about higher costs and lower technical performance.

“To address this concern,” Silva explained, “SKYPRO invested months of research to identify raw materials suitable for intensive use, focusing on their resilience and reinforcement compared to typical recycled fabrics.” After careful analysis, it has been determined that specific cellulosic fibers and recycled polyesters offer excellent performance with the least impact on the environment.

SKYPRO has created the NextGen sustainable uniform collection, following its “Zero Waste Principle.” These uniforms are designed using eco-friendly techniques and made from biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, or sustainably sourced materials. The production process is handled by selected producers who prioritize environmentally responsible procedures.

In addition, SKYPRO has earned the ISO14001 Certification and it underwent an external audit to find areas for improvement and maintain impressive production levels while reducing its carbon footprint. Employee participation and awareness played a crucial role in achieving company sustainability goals.

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