May 23 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

​SSP partners with BrewDog at London Gatwick

By Stephanie Philp

A look inside SSP Group's new partnership with Brewdog at London Gatwick

SSP Group is announcing a partnership with independent craft brewer, Brewdog, that will bring the brand to airports and railway stations across the UK. The first outlet is scheduled to open at London Gatwick this December.

“The bar will feature a number of BrewDog’s signature design elements, including Zoom pods where guests will be able to work and order food to their seat via a QR code, and a photo booth for those looking to capture their BrewDog experience at the airport. A game space will provide extra entertainment during the journey,” a May 23 release said.

The menu at BrewDog Gatwick will feature classic BrewDog dishes (like chicken wings) as well as “a riff on some much-loved favourites”. “Rare and exclusive beers sourced from BrewDog’s extensive beer programme” will also be on offer in addition to “BrewDog’s classic alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks menu, which includes include spirits, cocktails, wines, soft and hot drinks.”

“BrewDog is a globally renowned brand with an incredible back-story and huge potential to do well in the travel space. It’s a brilliant next step in our growth to help BrewDog build their brand in the UK travel market, and we’re confident that our shared values and combined expertise will pave the way for a successful partnership. London Gatwick, which is a truly international airport and welcomes a particularly relevant passenger demographic, is an excellent starting place for our adventure together,” Ksaid ari Daniels, CEO SSP UK & Ireland, in the release.

In the same release, James Watt, CEO of BrewDog said: “SSP completely gets our aspiration to bring fun to the airport, and has the operational expertise to deliver our brand in what can be a challenging environment. We’re always looking to reach new customers, and working with SSP gives us a great opportunity to bring BrewDog to travellers across the world.”

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