May 19 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

Emirates celebrates International Tea Day

By Stephanie Philp

Emirates has partnered with Dilmah Tea, a family-owned Sri Lankan tea company for more than 30 years

Emirates is celebrating International Tea Day by highlighting the importance of tea on its flights. Annually, Emirates brews more than 33 million cups of tea for passengers onboard and, according to a recent release, onboard tea consumption has risen by 10 percent in recent years.

“Tea has a myriad of health benefits and healing properties, as well as providing a ritualistic moment that many find enhances comfort and calm,” the release said. Other listed benefits include a lower caffeine content than coffee which reduces the likelihood of jitteriness, the aiding of digestion and reduction in bloating and nausea — all helpful to air passengers.

Emirates has partnered with Dilmah Tea, a family-owned Sri Lankan tea company for more than 30 years. Dilmah launched in 1985, and is the “first producer-owned tea brand globally whereby the tea is cultivated, handpicked and packed at origin,” the release said. This process helps preserve the tea well.

“Emirates considers the serving of tea to be a ritual that requires thought and care,” the release stated. Cabin Crew receives specialized training that includes instructions on serving a perfect cup and how to “further enhance flavour with an array of accoutrements — from fresh mint to honey and lemon” as well as tea food pairing.

“Key recommendations for passengers can include pairing seafood, soft cheeses and sushi with green tea, beef and game, sweet desserts, or hard cheeses with black tea, or combining floral teas such as Chamomile with dishes that have a citrus or tart flavour profile – like Emirates new vegan dish — Zucchini tart,” the release said.

Of the 12 gourmet blends offered, the Moroccan, Mint Green Tea is most popular in Emirates First Class, while on Business Class both Moroccan Mint Green Tea and Chamomile Tea are popular. In Economy Class, traditional Ceylon Black Tea is the most served.

First Class passengers have a choice of drinking tea from Royal Doulton fine bone teacup or mug. Business Class passengers are served tea in the Royal Doulton fine bone china mug. “The quality of the water used to make the tea is also considered and regularly monitored, and Emirates ensures that the water tanks, equipment used for transportation and supply lines provide perfectly potable water, through regular disinfection, maintenance, and audits,” the release said.

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