May 16 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

iCoupon debuts in North America with Air Canada

By Reedah Hayder

iCoupon introduces a contact-free voucher system that directly assigns voucher value to mobile or printed boarding passes for streamlined compensation

iCoupon is set to make its mark in North America, today announcing its new partnership with Air Canada. This collaboration aims to enhance passenger experience and streamline compensation procedures in the event of delays, while also addressing environmental concerns.

Under the agreement, iCoupon will rapidly roll out across more than 100 airports in the United States and Canada in the coming months. Air Canada, which welcomes over 50 million passengers annually and holds the title of Canada’s largest airline and flag carrier, seeks to provide efficient and stress-free services to its travellers, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations for timely compensation.

“The partnership with Air Canada is a fantastic step and paves the way for our operations to expand into North America, offering the region its first truly end-to-end digital solution for disruption vouchering,” said Richard Bye, CEO of iCoupon, in a May 15 press release. “There is a clear gap in the market for the hyper-convenient, stress-free, fully PCI-compliant solution we are offering to air travellers and we’re genuinely thrilled to be working with Air Canada.

“Air Canada is renowned for providing a top-class passenger experience and the addition of iCoupon into its operations means that it will be able to provide an even better service, at a time that really matters, to its customers.”

iCoupon’s convenient and fully digital service streamlines processes, eliminating the need for the physical distribution of paper vouchers or complicated downloads by passengers. Instead, it leverages the passenger's existing boarding pass, making the process immediate and hassle-free. This innovative approach not only benefits travellers but also allows airlines, airports, and retailers to reduce waste and lower their carbon footprint.

With its success in disrupting the vouchering industry in Europe, where it is currently active in over 90 percent of European airlines, iCoupon aims to replicate this achievement in North America. The partnership with Air Canada marks a significant milestone, as at least 28 airlines across the region will now adopt iCoupon’s seamless digital vouchering solution.

Beyond just airlines, this collaboration extends to airport retailers, many of whom already work with iCoupon on a global scale and can now implement the platform’s innovative solution in their stores. This move will enhance the overall travel experience for passengers while offering a convenient and efficient way to redeem vouchers at various retail outlets.

“Our goal at Air Canada is to make travel easy and convenient for customers using technology, including assisting them when things don’t go as planned,” said Kevin O’Connor, Senior Vice President, Global Airports & Operations Control at Air Canada, in the same press release. “iCoupon is a solution that will help meet these objectives by enabling us to quickly provide vouchers for customers in those rare instances when travel is disrupted.”

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