April 3 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

Cathay Pacific releases its 2022 Sustainable Development Report

By PAX International Staff

Cathay Pacific strives for leadership and embraces collaboration as it takes major steps toward its sustainability goals

Cathay Pacific Group announces the release of its 2022 Sustainable Development Report, which underscores the Group’s ongoing commitments and progress in achieving its sustainability goals. Titled "Greener Together,” the report reflects Cathay Pacific's belief that driving progress toward a sustainable future requires strong partnerships and collective action.

In an April 3 press release, Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam said, “As we enter an exciting new phase of rebuilding Cathay Pacific for Hong Kong, one of our key development areas is becoming a leader in sustainability. This means working together with many different stakeholders, partners and corporate customers to reconnect Hong Kong to the world in sustainable ways. The title of this year’s report, “Greener Together,” reflects our determination to foster stronger partnerships to help drive the sustainable development agenda and build a more sustainable future for our customers, our people and our communities.”

Key highlights from the 2022 report include:

• Surpassing its target to cut single-use plastics, the airline has reached a 56 percent reduction of single-use plastics use on a per passenger level compared to our 2018 baseline and are now in the process of launching a new target.

• Driving Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) across all operations, the airline has set a new and more ambitious goal to not have more than 65 percent of the same gender at senior positions by 2025, and as of April 2023 it will have a 50/50 gender split in its Executive Committee. It also became the first commercial airline to be listed on the 2023 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index.

• Promoting and enabling wellness: The airline introduced a week-long Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival filled with various activities and workshops to promote wellness and support.

Lam said, “Despite the very difficult start we had to the year, 2022 saw a number of important milestones achieved in our sustainability journey. These involved yet more important steps towards developing the SAF supply chain, reducing single-use plastics in our operations and continuing to advance the agenda of wellness and diversity for our people. Moving people forward is our business and as we look ahead to the future, we are excited to continue contributing to important projects and being a positive driving force towards making aviation more sustainable.”

Full details of the 2022 Sustainable Development Report are available here.

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