March 14 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

First look at AirJapan’s products and services

By Alex Preston

AirJapan's aircraft will feature 324 economy class seats with a spacious 32-inch seat pitch offering ample leg and recline space

AirJapan, ANA Holdings’ new medium-haul international airline, has unveiled select products and services to be introduced on its inaugural flights.

AirJapan is scheduled to begin operating flights in February 2024 to Southeast Asia and expand its network to other destinations across the continent.

In a March 9 press release, Hideki Mineguchi, President of AirJapan commented, "At AirJapan, we are dedicated to the passion of our passenger's pursuits, which inspires us to create inflight products and services to foster the innovative spirit of those flying with us," said "We hope the launch of these new amenities create a unique and outstanding travel experience for our passengers."

British design company Acumen Design Associates is responsible for the cabin interior and seats, the later of which have been manufactured by Safran.

The aircraft will be configured with 324 economy class seats made of premium Japanese faux leather and offer a generous seat pitch of 32 inches and recline feature. As an added convenience for smartphone and tablet users, Type-A and Type-C USB ports and tablet holders are also provided.

The uniforms promote inclusivity and diversity

AirJapan's cabin attendant uniforms have been designed to express the brand's "Fly Thoughtful" philosophy. The cabin attendants were involved from the earliest planning stages of the new uniforms, which have a borderless design, promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce by incorporating gender-neutral options and enabling variations in coordination.

The design includes traditional Japanese cultural elements such as "knots" and "layers," immersing passengers in Japanese culture from the first moment of boarding. The knot is represented by the brand's color belt. In layering, a beautiful natural overlapping pattern was designed into details such as the hem of the skirt and sleeves.

Variations in the uniforms allow cabin attendants the flexibility to dress in their own way. There will be two types of bottoms- skirts and pants, and a choice of sneakers and leather shoes.

As part of AirJapan's commitment to sustainability, cabin attendant uniforms will be made in-part from plant-derived fabrics.

When passengers board an AirJapan flight, they will hear music titled "Ai" with the traditional Japanese sounds of shakuhachi and koto created in collaboration with the Tokyo University of the Arts.

The airline will offer menus for a set fee that can be reserved online in advance, and in addition, will provide meals and snacks for purchase inflight. The specific menu selection will be announced at the start of ticket sales.

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