March 1 2023  |  Airline & Terminal News

dnata continues efforts to enhance accessibility

By Stephanie Philp

dnata’s Special Handling unit offers point-to-point assistance to travellers seeking accessibility accommodations

dnata is continuing to invest in innovative initiatives, equipment, and training to enhance accessibility throughout the travel experience.

A highly trained team provides point-to-point assistance

dnata’s Special Handling unit offers point-to-point assistance to travellers requiring accessibility accommodations. The unit supports 1.3 million passengers annually across DXB’s three terminals.

“Training at dnata focuses on customer service, and for employees to understand the unique needs of People of Determination,” a March 1 release stated. “It also tackles the handling of special equipment such as the three types of adult wheelchairs provided by dnata: a conventional wheelchair; a STAXI wheelchair which incorporates a baggage stowage area below the chair; and a cabin wheelchair used for passengers who require assistance to and from the aircraft seat, and which is specially designed to fit in the aisle of an aircraft.”

Consistent investment in advanced equipment

dnata’s equipment for accessibility accommodations is designed to meet a variety of needs. Based on the feedback from customers during the AccessAbility Expo in Dubai, the company’s most recent initiatives outlined in the release include the procurement of wheelchairs specially designed for children. These new wheelchairs, set to be introduced this year, will offer a better fit for children and make young travellers feel safer and more comfortable.

The company’s fleet also includes medical high-loaders to help passengers access aircraft parked at remote stands. A ProMove Sling — an innovative device designed to assist lifting passengers with limited mobility from their aircraft seat to a cabin wheelchair — is also available.

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