June 7 2022  |  Airline & Terminal News

Bamboo Airways is soaring to new heights

By Rachel Debling

This is a special feature from PAX International's 2022 WTCE Hamburg edition, on page 28.

Though established in 2017, Bamboo Airways has been experiencing exponential growth in its short time in the skies

Selecting the perfect symbol to represent a brand is of utmost importance. For Bamboo Airways, its namesake was inspired by the iconic Vietnamese tree that reflects a spirit of hospitality, resilience and bravery.

“Bamboo Airways has made tireless efforts to deliver the most beautiful values and images of Vietnamese people and their country to the world,” Eric Dang, Chairman cum CEO of Bamboo Airways, explains. “Passengers can easily recognize the symbol of bamboo on any of our domestic and international flights.”

Mr. Eric Dang, Chairman cum CEO of Bamboo Airways

Established in 2017, Bamboo Airways officially took wings in 2019 and became one of the three largest carriers in Vietnam after one year of operation. Despite facing many challenges posed by the pandemic, Bamboo Airways has constantly soared to new heights.

“As of now, Bamboo Airways operates nearly 30 diverse aircraft and nearly 40 domestic and 12 international routes,” says Dang.

Connecting people and places is at the core of Bamboo Airways’ operational strategy. Dang notes that the airline is blazing a trail to untapped markets within Vietnam, with routes to Con Dao, Rach Gia, Dien Bien, and many others. It has also expanded its presence in international markets with a series of inaugural nonstop routes to Asia, Australia, and Europe. The airline’s successful nonstop flights bridging Vietnam and the United States after just three years of operation also serves as a critical juncture, which Dang refers to as a “turning point in Vietnamese aviation history.”

A selection of the delicious local cuisine offered by Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways treats its passengers to a special level of dedication and hospitality throughout every step of the journey, beginning at the airport: Bamboo Airways has the most private business lounges in Vietnam.

“Bamboo Airways also leaves a memorable impression on passengers with delicious local cuisine, both in business lounges and inflight, such as pho, bun quay Phu Quoc, bun rieu Con Dao, and bun sua Phu Yen,” says Dang.

Once onboard, passengers are offered a variety of inflight entertainment options and fine meals. “In the roadmap of providing our passengers with international five-star services, we have cooperated with trusted caterers to promote diverse menus that can deliver colorful Vietnamese traditions and satisfy different tastes of customers: Vietnamese red sticky rice, vermicelli noodles, sticky rice cake, bean pudding, to name a few,” he says.

Adding to its quality services, Bamboo Club rewards its most loyal customers – a million of them at press time – with four member tiers offering numerous privileges from not only Bamboo Airways but also the airline’s extensive network.

A peek at the First Lounge by Bamboo Airways at Noi Bai International Airport

Bamboo Airways’ crew is just as much a part of the in-cabin experience as the airline’s cuisine. The bamboo-inspired uniform, a nod to the company’s name and its history, adds to the authenticity that Dang and his team strive to achieve with every flight.

“Our sky ambassadors are well-trained professionals dedicated to supporting customers throughout the journey,” says Dang. The crew greets passengers with a friendly smile, a hand on their heart, and a welcome bow, which has come to be recognized as the airline’s trademark. “It is the friendliness and hospitality of Vietnam that we wish to radiate to the world,” he explains.

Bamboo Airways offers comfort in every class of every flight, with a selection of entertainment options to suit every taste

The commitment to international five-star-oriented service quality has been confirmed through fantastic reviews and international recognition. Bamboo Airways currently sits at a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5 and leads the Vietnamese aviation industry in terms of on-time performance from its earliest days up to 2022.

In the future, Bamboo Airways seeks to continue its upward growth. This year, the airline targets 120 routes, including 80 domestic and 40 international routes covering new destinations, especially in the U.S. market.

“The U.S. is considered one of the most demanding aviation markets, with complex and stringent procedures that can take many years for any carrier to complete,” Dang points out. “We have obtained slots to operate regular services to the U.S. and have entered into cooperation with international partners to gear up a seamless, efficient operation connecting two countries.”

Bamboo Airways’ business class provides a roomy and cozy experience for passengers looking to elevate their flight

It is partnerships such as these that are increasing Bamboo Airways’ international profile and helping to increase Vietnam’s popularity in the international tourism market.

“As the tourism industry is witnessing a strong bounce-back after the pandemic, we have operated with 100 percent capacity, constantly increased frequencies, and inaugurated many new routes during the crowded festive seasons,” says Dang. “Our load factor rate on the domestic network even peaked at 90 to 92 percent during these periods.”

With its continuing successes and comprehensive operational strategy, Bamboo Airways is contributing to paving the way for further tourism developments.

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