March 15 2022  |  Airline & Terminal News

Icelandair adds sustainable food choices for order

By Rick Lundstrom

New packaging with an eye toward sustainability has been added to Icelandair's service

Starting earlier this month, Icelandair began delivery pre-ordered meals on flights between Iceland and Europe, and Iceland and North America.

Among the offerings are three-course meal of Icelandic or Mediterranean flavors, smørrebrød open sandwich, superfood chia porridge, and vegan and keto meals. The airline also brought back its popular ham and cheese baguette.

Nordic open-face sandwich (smørrebrød with roast beef and smoked salmon) is offered along with a three-course Icelandic meal (featuring skyr, flat-bread with smoked lamb, reindeer paté, and arctic char, and hjónabandssælaor 'happy marriage cake' for dessert. Also offered is a steak sandwich with roast beef, mushrooms, pan-fried onion and Bearnaise sauce.

The change is in line with the airline's sustainability goals, with the objective of reducing food waste as well as aircraft load. In addition to the increased choices, new, environmentally friendly food packaging is being introduced, together with new processes for sorting trash on board.

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