February 21 2022  |  Airline & Terminal News

​Heineken® and KLM partner in sustainability initiative

By Rick Lundstrom

Heineken® and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced today a commitment that Heineken® and Heineken® 0.0 beer, served on board and lounges, is now brewed with 100 percent green energy.

In July 2020, Heineken® the Netherlands announced that all Heineken® beer brewed for the Dutch market, is brewed with 100 percent green energy. Heineken has committed to operate climate-neutral in its own production, by 2030.

Since 2010, the company’s breweries in the Netherlands, have been working to reduce CO2 emissions. Heineken has added wind turbines and solar panels, together with the supply of biogas from its own and nearby wastewater treatment plants at the breweries in Zoeterwoude and Den Bosch. The Heineken company says that the amount of sustainably generated energy, is at least equal to the energy required to brew and package Heineken® beer in the Dutch brewery. This is known as a mass-balance approach and is common in the green energy market.

“In our long-term relationship, spanning over twenty years, Heineken and KLM have partnered in many initiatives to enhance the inflight experience for KLM passengers,” said Alexander de Nerée tot Babberich, Global Account Manager Airlines, Global Duty Free Heineken. “By sharing this commitment to serving Heineken® brewed with green energy to KLM passengers, we contribute to the HEINEKEN company’s sustainability commitments. We are proud to be partnering with KLM in this initiative.”

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