February 15 2022  |  Airline & Terminal News

How Skypro streamlines uniform management

By Jane Hobson

Using a UMS makes all things easier regarding airline uniforms

Uniform management can be a headache for airlines when it comes to tracking purchases, sizes, deliveries, returns and inventory. To alleviate this, Skypro's Uniform Management Systems (UMS) mySKYPRO Portal automates and unifies all stages of uniform management, including manufacturing, fitting, ordering, logistics and customer service. In this article, Skypro CEO Jorge Pinto breaks down the benefits of using a UMS.

"The goal of a Uniform Management System is to facilitate the process of managing uniforms, so that companies can focus more on the main purpose of their business and the needs of their customers and employees," Pinto explains, adding that it can lead to increase employee satisfaction by removing unnecessary steps and offering more autonomy.

Time and cost efficiency
Besides employee satisfaction, a good UMS reduces cost and time, Pinto says. A UMS will easily connects employees and uniform managers to suppliers, handle and limit orders, manage deliveries and returns, keep up with numbers and stocks, all in real time. All of this via a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that can be accessed anywhere and that demands minimal interference.

The mySKYPRO Portal works with smart algorithms to forecast uniform demands.

"To develop mySKYPRO, we gathered more than 15 years of market research, purchase histories, browsing data, social network analytics, customer surveys, and other reports. That huge understanding of the pains and needs of a uniform manager results in a much better online shopping experience and prediction capability," Pinto explains.

mySKYPRO Portal is available on desktop and mobile devices

An informed decision
Working as a catalog based on sizes and kits that the professional is entitled to, mySKYPRO informs the exact date of renewal and the durability of each product, so that employees and uniform managers know exactly when a new order is needed.

Fitting session
mySkypro offers a fitting center section, by which employees can schedule their try-on at a convenient time and airline location At the fitting session, the tailor fits the employee ensuring that uniforms arrives in the correct size. This helps eliminate size errors when reordering.

Uniform delivery at employees’ home
mySKYPRO can also help facilitate logistics of Uniform Management routines because it is controlled entirely via the software. Employees receive their uniform order ready-to-use at the airline location, or even at their doorstep.

Demand prediction through algorithms
Stock control is an important part of managing uniforms. mySKYPRO manages care of the inventory control in real time and uses smart algorithms to predict the correct items, sizes and quantities that employees will actually need when ordering.

"This technology empowers companies with an agile way of reducing costs by optimizing stock, with no excess or size errors.

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