September 20 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

Air France gets first A320 with Safran Cabin retrofit

By Rick Lundstrom

The Safran ECOS system is designed for easy access and efficient cabin operations

The first Air France A320 retrofitted with Safran Cabin’s Efficient Cabin Open Space (ECOS) Shelf Bins and installed by Air France Industries in July 2021 has returned to service.

Air France is the first airline to choose Safran Cabin’s " ECOS shelf bins for 24 A320s.

The ECOS "Efficient Cabin Open Space" shelf bins offer up to 60 percent more storage capacity. The new luggage compartments are equipped with easy to reach doors that do not encroach into the cabin aisle and provide a lower shelf height for ease of loading and visibility. They are designed for a smoother boarding experience, reducing the time spent searching for luggage space or the need to put certain bags in the cargo hold. Aircraft turnaround times also reduce to improve efficiency and on-time performance.

The ECOS Interior is robust, lightweight, and easy to maintain and is certified with FAA and EASA STCs. The modification also included the installation of Movable Class Dividers supplied by Safran Cabin.

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