July 27 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

Video Clip: Retail inMotion partners with Eurowings Discover to deliver onboard retail program

By Jane Hobson

Last updated August 3, 2021

Retail inMotion has joined forces with Eurowings Discover, the new leisure airline of the Lufthansa Group, to bring food & beverage and boutique products to the airline’s passengers starting July 24th.

RiM welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Eurowings Discover to identify, develop, and select products for their culinary offer and boutique shop. Through this partnership, Eurowings Discover will have access to Retail inMotion’s retail services and innovative digital platform solutions.

Retail inMotion has partnered with Eurowings Discover to deliver an innovated onboard retail program

Retail inMotion aims to create a customer-centric and sustainable retail concept and bring iconic products to the skies. The product selection for Travel Essentials invites passengers to relax and brings the holiday feeling onboard. The carefully curated list of innovative must-have products invites passengers to get into a vacation mindset and enjoy every minute of their journey. The catalogue offers a mix of beauty products such as Nuxe 50 SPF sunscreen, outdoor must-haves like Active Bird ultralight foldable Rucksack, and sustainable items like Bracenet Bracelet, which is handmade from old or savaged fishing nets. Guests in Economy Class can enjoy a premium selection of alcoholic beverages, as well as sweet and salty snacks.

Eurowings Discover is the first airline to have a fully digital and immersive magazine on board, which was made possible through Retail inMotion’s exclusive partnership with technology led digital magazine publisher e-Mersion Media (e-MM), announced in late 2020. The partnerships will help airlines stay engaged and connected with their passengers, via an immersive mobile communications platform and generate revenue via untapped channels in the magazine industry.

Offering passengers an interactive digital magazine during COVID-19 and beyond means a safer way to enjoy the onboard offering while reducing weight and logistics associated with print and significantly improve the overall customer experience.

As personalization is becoming more important than ever in the airline industry, this game changing alternative ensures that airlines are offering the right products to the right people at the right time by amassing significant knowledge about passengers’ preferences and behaviours. Furthermore, the new platform enables airline advertisers to gain both value and profit directly from their adverts as a result of tracked reader analytics and interaction with the ads as well as direct from page e-commerce capability, reads the RiM press release.

“We are delighted to partner with Eurowings Discover to bring its guests products they know and love in a format that has never been delivered before,” said Eva Niemietz, Retail Director at Retail inMotion. “Personalisation can increase customer experience and unlock new revenue streams, so by combining best-in-class products and market-leading digital innovation capabilities such as the interactive digital catalogue, we are confident that we can increase both aspects,” Niemietz added.

“Retail inMotion provides great onboard retail options that we know our guests will appreciate and enjoy,” said Patrick Door, Senior Product Manager at Eurowings Discover. “It has been a pleasure to work on our onboard retail offer that fully caters to the needs of leisure travellers. We are looking forward to a great partnership that aims at further enriching the customer experience through innovation in retail.“

The new retail offer became available on Eurowings Discover’s flights starting on July 24, 2021.

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