July 15 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

Food and beverage back on WestJet

By Rick Lundstrom

WestJet has brought back onboard service with enhancements to products and services that were modified as a result of the pandemic.

Passengers in the Premium and Business Cabins can select from new offerings. In Economy Class, full snack and beverage service and buy on board selections have returned.

“As we safely bring back the service our guests have been asking for we have taken this opportunity to enhance the onboard experience across all our cabins,” said Robert Antoniuk, WestJet Chief Operating Officer in a release from the airline. “With guests returning to the skies, our world class crews are ready to welcome them back with an elevated inflight experience.”

On WestJet’s 787 North America and transatlantic services, meal offerings in the Business and Premium Cabins will feature new choices and will rotate more frequently to offer more variety and seasonal options. Menu items continue to be locally and globally inspired.

On transatlantic flights passengers have ahoice of appetizers, entrees and separate dessert or cheese tray service in Business cabin. WestJet has new menus with wine and beverage list included new snacks with after take-off aperitif drinks.

Over North America Newly-designed menus with wine and beverage list included. New snack with after-take-off aperitif drinks including French Champagne. Premium cabin Breakfast menu from midnight to 09:30 and Lunch/Dinner menu snack-combo offerings.

On all flights longer than 90 minutes, WestJet is reintroducing its buy-on-board Economy Class options and upgrading its product offering to include a full range of complimentary beverages and new snack-combo offerings.

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