June 14 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

Video Clip: Turkish Airlines partners with Dr. Oz for health program

By Jane Hobson

Turkish Airlines has announced today a partnership with Dr. Mehmet Oz, world-renowned surgeon, author, and television personality, to educate the public on protection protocols for every point of contact throughout their journey.

"The news of decreasing COVID-19 cases and the resulting loosening of travel restrictions is exciting for many Canadians. But for some, there are still feelings of trepidation whether for their own health or loved ones," reads the June 14 press release from Turkish Airlines.

The TK Extra Care program is a high-quality protection protocol for every point of contact through the passenger journey. It consists of five stages; pre-flight, airport, boarding, in the cabin and disembarking.

Passengers can check in online, either through the mobile app or website. They can visit Turkish Airlines' website or the IATA Travel Center to find up to date help information before the flight, such as admission to the flight and entry conditions for the destination.

The promotional video recommends travelers to bring spare face masks to last throughout travel and to change mask every four hours.

At the airport, the TK Extra Care program reminds passengers to mask up and use disinfectants that are available. At Istanbul Airport, body temperature is measured upon arrival at the airport and all baggage is disinfected by a UV system at the entrance. One and a half meter social distancing between people is required and see-through barriers are set up at check-in, boarding, transfer and passport control service points. Contactless bag drop is available and boarding pass checks are also offered.

When boarding, temperatures are checked again, then passenger enter the aircraft in small groups. Every aircraft is cleaned in detail with disinfectants after each flight and HEPA filter-equipped to renew air every three minutes. Turkish now has 'Hygiene Experts' aboard all flights. They are responsible for things such as cleaning sinks and ensuring the use of masks. As part of the program, every passenger is given a hygiene kit with mask, hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes.

Inflight catering is limited. On flights less than two hours, only water is served. On longer flights, packed and disposable options are available.

As part of the program, disembarking is carried out by following social distancing and forming a line based on seat numbers. And finally, there are regulations to reduce contact at baggage claim.

Turkish Airlines has Diamond certification status by APEX Health Safety, reflecting the achievement of the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization in 10 categories and 75 contact points, including contactless check-in processes, social distance application, extra cleaning measures, hygiene experts and hygiene kits.

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