April 5 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

​marhaba updates lounge experience at DXB

By Rick Lundstrom

The redesigned marhaba lounge at DXB is located in Terminal 3

Dubai-based marhaba, dnata's airport hospitality brand, is revealing a new design and experience at one of its flagship Dubai International Airport lounges.

The lounge is located at Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3. Now complete and ready to welcome passengers travelling out of Dubai, the new lounge serves as a proof of concept for the new "marhaba global lounge experience," including a variety of features set to appear across its portfolio of international lounges.

There will also be a second, enhanced PDL Salon & Café for the city – offering a unique salon experience for travelers.

"The refurbishment of one of our original marhaba lounges in Dubai represents the marhaba of the future, with a customer experience and hospitality focused approach to its design and layout,” said Shahab Al Awadhi, Head of marhaba Global. Its six, distinct new spaces have been designed to suit the needs of every type of traveler, offering something for everyone."

An overview of the areas and anticipated new features, include:

1. Lounge
The lounge is designed in red, and provides guests with the opportunity to pause and relax after a warm welcome at reception, with adjustable furniture, an artificial fireplace as a focal point, and offering plenty of charging points.

2. Studio
The area offers the spot to catch up on work. The styling resembles a café and provides plenty of light, charging points, cozy capsules where guests can insulate themselves while taking a call, or to have some solo quiet time.

3. Dining
An important part of marhaba's Arabian hospitality, the dining zone is based at the heart of the new lounge design and offers guests nourishment and refreshment, day or night. There are a variety of table options available, ranging from large dining tables and benches to smaller and more intimate booths for families.

4. Play
The 'Play' zone is located next to 'Dining' so that parents can enjoy their meal while still being able to watch their children.

5. Relax
A tranquil area for travelers to relax, the 'Relax' zone is a quiet place with comfortable recliners where sleeping is easy.

6. Flex
Whilst the new 'marhaba global lounge experience will provide consistency across lounges worldwide, 'Flex' is an area which can be repurposed for the particular needs and wants of travelers in each local area, anything from a yoga studio to a salon. In Dubai, there is a new salon from PDL, a Dubai-based brand which provides spa treatments and coffee.

The new 'Flex' zone of the marhaba lounge at Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3 will be based on the original PDL Coffee Co & Barbershop, a home-grown brand located at the heart of the Al Safa area. The first café and spa under one roof to open in Dubai – PDL is expanding its existing offering at the marhaba lounge to include services for both male and female travelers. Staying true to its original approach, customers can expect a unique salon experience, a range of services and the chance to taste its popular coffee.

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